Some spectacular vistas of New Zealand

Some spectacular vistas of New Zealand
These are just a tiny sample of the views I experienced during my last visit to New Zealand in late December '05 and January '06. So it is easy to see why I am drawn back to this beautiful country ...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Summarizing The Whole Round Trip

BACK HOME .. in Cornwall, England.

Now then .. instead of rambling on and bleedin' on, I'm now gonna draw a line under this first section (Part One) of my blog – it is definitely time to do so.

It is fair to say that the episode has been quite an adventure. I have learned lessons and experienced nearly every human emotion imaginable along the way. But IMHO, and after a lot of reflection, the greatest and the one that has left a lasting impression is the kindness shown by people who were beforehand - that is to say until this adventure began - complete strangers to me.

There is no need to mention their names, these kind folk know who they are. I need say no more - other than, I shall never forget you.

As I have unfinished business to complete 'Down Under' it is entirely conceivable that I shall see most - if not all - of you again very soon, which can be taken to mean within the next 12-24 months. I hope it comes to pass.

Meanwhile, my testimony to this 'trip of a lifetime' is in the form of a short 10-minute pictorial video, which is embedded above. DVD copies are - or will be very shortly - in the mail to those who appear in the ending credits.


And my final comment: "There's a hellofa lot a sheep in New Zealand" ... ;o)